Friday, February 11, 2011

Hearing and Understanding: Big Bird and Little Bird

An important part of learning any language is being able to hear and understand it.  A great way to practice understanding what you hear is by watching videos in your target language and identifying as many words as you can.  Further down in this post you'll find a great video of a woman reading a fun children's book in Chinese called "Big Bird and Little Bird".  Even if you don't know any Chinese at all, you can understand a lot of the story just by looking at the pictures and watching the woman's gestures and facial expressions.

Below you'll find twelve key vocabulary words from the story "Big Bird and Little Bird".  Pick one or two words to listen for while you watch the video.  You can then watch the video again, adding one or two more words to listen for.

When you're finished with the video, hop over to our word list on Memrise to learn the characters for the vocabulary from today's post.  If you want more information about how I'm using Memrise to help you learn Chinese, check out my post This Chinese Language Blog Just Got More Awesome.

1.  xiǎo ("shee-ahw") 小 small

2.  dà ("dah") 大 large/big

3.  hěn ("huhn") 很 very
4.  niǎo ("nee-ahw") 鸟 bird
5.  chángjǐnglù ("chahng-jihng-loo") 长颈鹿 giraffe
6.  huā ("hwah") 花  flower
7.  fēicháng ("fay-chahng") 非常 extremely
8.  máochóng ("maow-chohng") 毛虫 caterpillar 

9.  dàxiàng )"dah-shee-ahng") 大象 elephant

10.  guǒshù ("gwoh-shoo") 果树 fruit tree

11.  tài (like Eng. "tie") 太 too 

12.  fēi ("fay") 飞 fly

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