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If you're looking for a quick tour of this blog, check out these posts:

Mandarin for Mummies - A guide for mummies who are looking to brush up on their Chinese. All the cool mummies are doing it.

Chinese for Errand Boys - Got a crazy boss? Then you need to learn some Chinese!

Ordering Food at a Chinese Restaurant - This two part series will give you some basic vocabulary so that you can order at a Chinese restaurant in Chinese.  Who knows, maybe you can use your new Chinese at a business lunch, impress your boss, and get a promotion!  No guarantees though.

Learning Through Song: Ni Wa Wa - This post takes a musical approach to learning vocabulary by explaining in detail the lyrics to a popular Chinese children's song - oh and there's a video with children dancing around in a field with a doll that probably wishes she'd never been born.
Self Loathing Broke My Think Box: How Self Esteem Affects Second Language Learning - Don't think you're capable of learning Chinese? Poppycock!

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