Friday, January 21, 2011

Multi-Phrases: Phrases in Multiple Languages - Good Morning

Every Friday I'm going to do something fun and a little different.   Today I'm starting a series called "Multi-Phrases: Phrases in Multiple Languages" where I pick a phrase and tell you how to say it in several different languages.  My hope is that if you follow this series, you'll eventually be able to have some basic conversational skills in each language.  If you have split personality disorder, I recommend allocating a different language to each of your personalities.  It'll give your "episodes" much more flavor and ensure that you're never lonely because your doctors will need translators for each of your personalities.  You can be a genius and a loon at the same time, and isn't that what we all want in life?

The phrase for this post is "good morning".  Below you'll find "good morning" written out in each language (with pronunciation help for languages that don't use roman characters), followed by a video to help you hear and see how the phrase is spoken.  If you would like to see this phrase in a language other than those mentioned here, use the comments section of this post to make your request and I'll do my best to track down a video.

Japanese: おはよう (Ohayō)

Chinese: 早上好 (Zǎoshang hǎo)

Spanish: Buenos días

Italian: Buongiorno

German: Guten Morgen

French: Bonjour

Korean: 좋은 아침 (Joh-eun achim)

Russian: доброе утро (Dobroe utro)

Swahili: Asubuhi njema

Portuguese: Bom dia

Hindi: अच्छा सुबह (acchā subaha)
See time: 1:30

Afrikaans: Goeie môre

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